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Helping students succeed in college, career, and life.
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Improving college & career readiness for all students.
Our Passion
Our dreams for your student’s future are as big as theirs.
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College and Career Readiness

Our passion is helping your students accomplish their dreams.

Today’s Challenges

Our education system’s current approach to preparing our nations’ children for their future isn’t working. Too many students go from middle school to high school, and on to graduation with little or no real planning for their future. Students and their families are paying the price of the current disjointed process…

Student college loan debt continues to climb.

At a time when the cost of a college education continues to rise, over 60% of college students are taking six years or more to graduate dramatically increasing the cost of their education.

More than 50% of college graduates surveyed regret their major, their college, or their degree plan.

Over 32.9% of students who start at a public-four year college drop out, 41% if they start at a community college.

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Our Approach

Helping students succeed today, in college, and in life.

Rightwise Prep doesn’t just focus on getting a student into college. Our proven methodology centers on helping a student get into the right college for them, studying for the right career, and graduating in four years. Rightwise Prep provides comprehensive college and career counseling programs, admissions test prep, and consulting services to help increase college attainment and career success for all students.

A New Approach to College and
Career Success

Rightwise Prep’s customized college and career readiness solutions help schools, education partners, and families align student interests and abilities to future career goals increasing college and career success.

Self Discovery

Helping your students understand their interests and abilities builds confidence now while helping them successfully prepare for their future. Rightwise Prep’s assessments provide middle and high school students an opportunity to discover what they do well, determine what motivates them, and explore how things they like to do can transform into a rewarding career.

Career Exploration

Rightwise Prep’s engaging career exploration tools and proven methodology provide a clear path for your students to learn about exciting careers that are aligned to their strengths. We will guide them on how to refine their objectives as they move towards high school graduation and on to college. Our easy-to-follow process helps them confirm their future goals through interactive career exploration and real-world experiences. These steps motivate them to do well in their school work as they prepare for a rewarding college experience and future career.

College and Career Preparation

Every student has unique strengths, abilities, and goals. Rightwise Prep provides an easy to follow customized career and college planning program personalized to each student that walks them and their parents step-by-step towards getting into the right college, studying the right major, and on to the right career for them.

Admissions Test Prep

Higher test scores can increase chances for admissions and scholarships. Rightwise Prep provides test preparation solutions for the PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT®, and ACT® tests that are combined with our proven methodology that helps your students achieve their best score without cramming or creating additional stress. Our fun, online program uses adaptive learning to create a customized curriculum for each student to maximize their preparation time allowing them to work smarter, not harder towards conquering the tests.

Comprehensive Services

Rightwise Prep provides comprehensive outsourced services, consulting, and custom program development to help your organization deliver the very best college and career readiness solutions for the students and families you serve.


Let’s Help Your Students Dream Big and Finish Strong