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Helping your student succeed in college, career, and life.
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We are with you and your student, step by step, all the way through college graduation.

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Rightwise Prep is a Private Educational Services Firm

that provides customized college and career counseling to families across the country and to U.S. Citizens living around the globe. Rightwise Prep delivers the most comprehensive college and career counseling program available today and was developed from over twenty years of experience successfully helping thousands of families like yours get their student into the right college, the right career, at the right price.

This is Not Our Business, it’s Our Calling

Serving your student and family is our passion.  Your student isn’t just a number in our system. Rightwise Prep enrolls a limited number of families each year into our program to ensure that we are able to provide the exemplary, customized support that each student deserves. That’s why we connect with families like yours exclusively through our partners who are also invested in your student’s success and your family’s future legacy.

The Stakes Are High…

Why your student needs a competitive advantage to find success in college and in their career.

Challenges Facing Today’s Students

Our education system’s current approach to preparing our nations’ children for their future isn’t working. Too many students go from middle school to high school, and on to graduation with little or no real planning for their future. Students and their families are paying the price of the current disjointed process…

The cost of college is rising; admissions and scholarships are more competitive than ever!

More and more students are competing for a limited number of admissions seats and scholarships.

Student debt is at an all-time high – over eight million have defaulted on burdensome loans.
– U.S. Department of Education

Many students are unprepared and are taking too long to graduate – Over 40% of students are not prepared academically for college and over 60% are taking six years or more to graduate increasing their college cost even more.
– National Center for Education Statistics

Students who enter college unprepared take longer to graduate and are less satisfied post-college – Over half of college graduates surveyed would change their major, their college, or their degree plan.
– Strada-Gallup

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Our Approach

Helping students succeed in college, career, and in life.

Rightwise Prep doesn’t just focus on getting a student into college...

Rightwise Prep’s proven methodology is centered on helping your student get into the right college for them, study for the right career, all at the right price in order to succeed and graduate in four years.

Every student is unique with individual strengths and abilities. Rightwise Prep provides customized planning for each student and our experts work individually with each family to ensure your child achieves their college and career dreams.

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The Need = Expert College and Career Preparation

Students receiving formal career counseling are twice as likely to graduate college in four years – saving time and money!
Education Trust

Improved SAT/ACT test scores lead to increased chances for college admissions and scholarships.

Beginning career and college counseling as early as the 8th grade can double a student’s chances of attending and graduating from college.
– Education Trust 

Your Student’s Competitive Advantage

Rightwise Prep provides your student with the competitive advantage they need to stand out from the pack in order to realize their full potential and achieve their dreams.

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Our Solution

The most comprehensive full-service program available today.

Delivered online to serve families anywhere around the globe.

Team of live degreed experts who work directly with your family via email, phone, and chat.

Enroll in the program as early as the 8th grade. Rightwise Prep’s team of experts stay with your family until college graduation – Up to 9 Years of Service!

Rightwise Prep’s College Success Academy

helps ensure your student gets into the right college for them, preparing for the right career, while maximizing their opportunities for financial aid awards. Your student will not only get into their perfect college, but that they will be equipped to graduate in four years, saving them both time and you money!


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