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Our current results for high school graduating seniors who successfully completed our program…

Happy Parents &
Happy Students


of families surveyed that used our program would recommend it to others.


of families said the program helped them save time and reduce stress in the home.


of students felt working on their college and career planning through our program helped them focus even more on their high school classes.

College Admissions Success


seniors accepted into one or both of their top 2 college choices.


Average financial aid awarded per student each year by their college or university.

Tracking Success

Families of graduating high school seniors who participate in the program are required to submit college acceptance letters, financial aid award letters as part of their survey.

It has been great having a team of Advisors to guide us throughout the entire process and talk with any time we needed help.

Rightwise Prep's program resulted in our getting money for college that we would have never even known about!

Seeing different options on my customized career and college lists made it easier for me to decide what to major in and where to go to college.

I think a big reason my son got into such a good college was the help he received from the advisors on his applications, essays, and SAT. Tremendous!

The Rightwise Prep program was a blessing to my family and me. It was our guide to getting organized. They completely prepared me for all that came with applying for college and getting on track for my career.

My Advisors worked extremely hard to get me the best information, with caring one-on-one discussions, and kept my family informed with calls and emails to ensure I was working towards the goals we set.

Thank you all for helping my daughter. She applied to five colleges and got accepted by all of them—she’s going to Auburn! Thank you, Rightwise, so very much for what you do!

Preparing and applying for college can be very stressful! Without Rightwise Prep's top-notch help, there would have been many sleepless nights.

My family and I truly appreciate the assistance we received from our Advisory Team!

Thank you, Rightwise! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Don’t pass it up! If you can join, do it. It’s a great opportunity.

The program helped me to confirm my strengths and weaknesses, speed my research in finding colleges that met both my engineering goals and preferences for size, location, and budget.

The most important aspect of the program to me was my Advisory Team’s willingness to dig through my applications and essays and give me feedback to improve them before submission.

My family had a huge weight taken off our shoulders when we joined. I was able to focus on school and stay on top of everything so that I could make it to college and succeed.


Proven Results, Happy Parents, Successful Students