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A proprietary approach to college and career success based on two decades of experience helping thousands of students. 

Rightwise Prep’s College Success Academy

We offer the most comprehensive career and college admissions counseling, test prep, and financial-aid counseling program available today.

Save Time - Reduce Stress - Save Money

Enrolling Students in Grades 8 - 12

Unlimited access and support from the time of enrollment through college graduation.

It has been great having a team of Advisors to guide us throughout the entire process and talk with any time we needed help.

Rightwise Prep Families Receive...

A Customized Plan and Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way

We’ll walk you and your student through the entire process.
A Team of Expert Advisors

Our highly-trained team of degreed college and career planning experts will work with you and your student from program enrollment all the way through college graduation.

24/7 Access to Your Password-protected Portal

Our interactive online platform lets students and parents access their program tools at home, school, or work. This includes advisor/family communications, saved documents, career assessment results, customized career and college lists and databases, test preparation, video/document resource library, and a lot more.

Unlimited Access to Your Advisory Team
You’ll have unlimited contacts with our team via phone, email, and chat.
Step-by-Step Guide

Key milestones to complete by grade/semester will ensure both you and your student will know when to get things done and how to do them.

A Custom Plan for Your Student
We create a custom, step-by-step action plan for each student because every student’s path is unique.
Timely Email Reminders
Sent to parents and students to keep everyone on track and ahead of deadlines.

Scheduled calls or “huddles” at key decision points.

Unlimited Career

We start with the end goal in mind – a focus on the right potential careers for your student’s future job fulfillment and success. Rightwise’s career experts will walk your student through a detailed career counseling process, creating excitement and focus.
Our impactful and detailed career assessment suite measures your student’s interests, aptitudes, and abilities.
Our custom list of recommended potential careers selected by our advisors based on interviews with your student, their assessment results, and additional data will get your student engaged in the process. We’ll further refine this list together each time we connect.
We’ll help refine your student’s career goals throughout high school by helping them research careers using our detailed career library, and providing guidance on job shadowing, career interviews, resumes, and special career- focused summer camps.
We’ll identify appropriate majors and colleges to reach your student’s goals.

Unlimited College Selection Counseling

Rightwise wants to make sure your student doesn’t simply survive in college; we’re here to help them thrive in college.

Our advisors will develop a custom list of colleges that align with your student’s career goals and provide the best academic, social, and emotional fit for your student while providing detailed information from our library of over 4,000 colleges and universities.

We will assist you and your student in ensuring that their high school course schedule meets their specific college/university requirements.

Our experts will work with your student to create a personal action plan to ensure they are competitive at their best fit colleges.
We will huddle with you and your student at key intervals to check progress and refine objectives as needed.

Unlimited College
Admissions Counseling

Our advisors are experts in helping students be competitive and stand out from the crowd.
We will coach your student on how to meet and exceed admission requirements to help increase the likelihood of acceptance at each of their target colleges.
Our advisors will review your student’s college applications to help ensure they are submitting their best work.
Our essay experts will review your student’s admission and scholarship essays, as well as resumes, to help ensure they stand out from the competition.
We will help your student ace key interviews at highly selective colleges through our in-depth coaching and prep.

Unlimited SAT®, ACT®, & PSAT/NMSQT® Test Prep

Our proven test prep methodology and unlimited access will help your student maximize their test scores to help increase their likelihood of admission and scholarships!

24/7 access to your customized test prep plan allows students to work on test prep in a fun, engaging, stress-free environment that fits into their busy schedules.
The program uses adaptive learning by creating and modifying their customized plan to strengthen weaker subjects while maintaining stronger skills.
Parent access, so you always know when to praise and when to push.
Proven results – Average SAT® increase of 200 points and over 2-3 points on the ACT®

Unlimited Financial Aid Counseling

Knowledge is power when it comes to paying for college. Rightwise families are educated on the financial aid process from start to finish to equip them to make wise choices.
We provide detailed education on understanding affordability and critical financial aid forms.

We help identify merit-aid scholarships that are available to your student, regardless of your family’s income, at their target schools reducing your family’s out of pocket cost even further.

Our experts provide unlimited financial aid form reviews for documents like the FAFSA, FSS, CSS Profile, state, and university specific documents.

Rightwise provides unlimited financial aid award letter reviews to help ensure your student is receiving a fair offer, help you compare offers at competing schools, and, if necessary, advise on how to properly appeal for more aid.

The constant support I’ve received during the program allowed me to succeed in my college journey beyond what I ever imagined.


Proven Results, Happy Parents, Successful Students